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Prof. Dankit Nassiuma

Prof. Dankit Nassiuma holds a M.Sc. and a PhD in Statistics from the University of Manitoba, Canada and a B.Sc. in Mathematics & Statistics from the University of Nairobi. With an enviable experience in consultancy, leadership and research, Prof. Nassiuma has published several books and research articles in refereed journals.

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Books by Prof. Nassiuma

Statistical Methods for Information Analysis


This book introduces the principles, language, and applications of statistical methods in the analysis of information in a very simplified way. This is to facilitate an easy understanding of its basic applications and lay a solid foundation for solving statistical problems. 

Introduction To the Theory of Estimation


This book introduces the fundamental procedures underlying the theory of estimation in a simplified form using both mathematical and practical illustrations. It is assumed here that the reader has a basic knowledge of second year undergraduate mathematical statistics. Thus, the material covered here is appropriate for third year and fourth year undergraduate level or even for first year graduate students.

Survey Sampling: Theory and Methods

SURVEY SAMPLING: Theory and Methods

It is the objective of this book to introduce the language, methods, and application of sampling from a practical, mathematical perspective. It is expected that the reader will be enabled to plan and execute surveys and also be capable of evaluating estimates of various parameters especially the location and scale parameters as well as their standard errors.


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