Potential Areas of Partnership AIU-ISAR Contribution Partner Organization
Conducting Research on African Realities ·         ISAR being the research institute of the university, partners can benefit from the pool of expertise researchers who can serve as consultants in conducting of research to understand past, present and emerging African realities. Data collected for organizations and partner bodies and networks can be used to make data-driven decisions to the accomplishment of both the Great Commission, the millennial SDG’s and individual countries Vision 2030 and beyond.


Partners can contribute to this partnership in different ways including the following:


1.       Expertise and capacity development specific areas/subject matter/vocations.


2.      Logistical and operational setting up of training hubs.


3.      Resource mobilization and support for the joint operations under the partnership.


Key benefits that partner organizations can draw from the partnership include:


1.       Access to institutionally sound partner to curate development and programming activities.


2.      Large networks of grassroots partners with existing working relationships that make implementation of initiatives flawless and efficient.


3.     Fast-tracking of the establishment of training hubs being that ISAR can provide an institutionally sound base of the hubs’ operations for Africa.

Establishment of training hubs and technology collaboration programs (TCPs)

§  AIU, being a university founded by the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA), is therefore a product of AEA, to which most evangelical bodies on the content are affiliated, hence having the same ethos, vision and mission to propagate the gospel on the whole earth, through which value-base, transformational development and harmonious living can be achieved.

§  ISAR through its network of partners locally and within Africa, provides a large base of resource agencies that could benefit partners in setting up of learning communities/cohorts in the continent.

African Ministry Leadership team

§  ISAR brings on board a broad partnership of strong network members comprised of local and international organizations with experience in missions, evangelism and discipleship. Some of these partners include:

1.       Evangelical Alliances of Countries through the Association of Evangelical in Africa – Africa

2.      Alumni in more that 30 countries of Africa

3.      Evangelical Churches and parachurch organizations

4.      Ecumenical partners

§  These partners can provide the needed leadership composition of regional teams to fast track the implementation of the institute’s strategy in Africa through workshops, consultancies and conferences.

Training and capacity development

§  ISAR as an institute of AIU offers academic and non-formal training courses on different thematic areas of: research and publication, ministry and corporate leadership, church planting and missions, inter-faith relations and, peace and reconciliation, which can be leveraged to support partners’ training and development aspirations.

§  ISAR also works with community churches within Nairobi and with the support of its sponsor, partners, students and alumni – has access to multiple grassroots communities and organizations across Africa. This robust network provides access to hundreds of thousands of communities that would benefit the work if partner organizations on the continent.

§  AIU, ISAR and its partners are well acquainted with diverse training methodologies which make adoption, adaptation and use of available resources in the partnerships flawless and efficient.