Message from the Director

Welcome to ISAR (Institute for the Study of African Realities)!

One of the core values of Africa International University is “innovation and community.” AIU intends to produce “team-oriented leaders who seek creative and biblical solutions for the common good in their respective areas of calling.” In order to see this happen, ISAR is committed to playing its unique role to connect the academic community to various societies, which our God has called us to serve. Following the line of AIU’s vision, mission, and core values, ISAR attempts to be an effective instrument by which all academic achievements from AIU’s education and research can be converted practically into “blessings” to our societies.

For this goal to be fulfilled, ISAR continues to make all efforts to maintain an academic platform on which AIU scholars share their innovative findings together, especially by promoting research and publication, which is the hallmark of higher education. We encourage all AIU members to join us in this noble endeavor!
Thank you!