Center for Ethical Review of Research (CERR)

Offers consultancy services for institutional ethical review of research for statutory clearance by the National Commission for Science, Technology, and Innovation (NACOSTI), which is the legal entity authorized to review and approve research in Kenya under Cap 250 of the Laws of Kenya, both for AIU students and external researchers since AIU’s Institutional Scientific Ethic Review Committee (ISERC) is accredited.

  • Committed to ensuring and guaranteeing the rights, dignity, safety, and protection of actual or potential individuals and communities who participate in research.
  • As an independent representative and competent body to review, evaluate, and decide on the scientific and ethical merits of research proposals.
  • Offers short courses, workshops, seminars, etc. in bioethics and research methodologies.
  • Conduct research on research ethics.
  • Publishes research outputs.


  • Writing styles and plagiarism software
  • Ethics in data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Library and e-library use
  • Knowledge Science
  • History of research ethics and abuse of minorities and animals
  • NACOSTI standards and regulations