Institutional Ethical Review Committee

The AIU Institutional Ethical Review Committee is accredited by the National Commission for Science, Technology, and Innovation (NACOSTI). The main purpose of IERC is to coordinate, receive and screen external and internal research proposals.

The Institutional Ethical Review Committee (IERC) within the ISAR Office:

  • Guides scientific research.
  • Reviews and makes decisions on accepting, requesting resubmission or deferring approval on external and internal research proposals, specifically regarding IERC related practices.
  • Ensures compliance with ethical standards of practice in the proposal.
  • Provides documentation for approval or request for corrections for resubmission, or deferral of the research proposal.
  • Monitors compliance of ethical practices during the research process. Monitoring by AIU’s IERC is contingent upon specific agreements with the Principal Investigator, e.g. once external proposals are approved, AIU IERC may -- or may not -- provide monitoring of the actual research process.